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by Beware the talking cat
Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:25 pm
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Topic: What Would You Discard August 1st
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Re:What Would You Discard August 1st

Hm. I\'d have to go with the 1-man. We already have the pair as either the 5-man or the hakus, so the extra pair does almost nothing for us. If the 7-man comes first, we\'re golden, and if the the 5-sou, 5-man, 1-pin, or 4-pin comes up, we could then toss the 8-man, then 9-man(supposing we don\'t pa...
by Beware the talking cat
Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:47 pm
Forum: Reach Mahjong
Topic: Yakuman Club
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Re:Yakuman Club

So I just got my third three-player kokushi musou on Tenhou, but I\'m wondering why it wasn\'t a double Yakuman. I was playing three player with a tenpai for south, my pair being north. I tsumo the south, but wanting the double yakuman, I decided to--rather than declare the win--dora the north and h...