Ozball's Master's Qualifer

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Ozball's Master's Qualifer

Post by Ozball » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:02 pm

I played in the Kobe JPML Master's Amateur Qualifier last Sunday, here's a quick review of how it went.

It was one of those days... Or at least that's what I'd like to say but it probably wasn't as bad as I felt it was, and was more due to my own bad plays than a streak of bad luck.

The only real game of note was the first game where we went into South 4 with first place on about 33400 me and one other guy on 28800 and last place on 27800. All I needed was a 3 han hand and after the other guy tied with me fouled a pon call (paying a 1000 point penalty into the pot) I needed even less than that. I got to ready with this:

2-bam 3-bam 4-bam 6-bam 7-bam 2-dot 3-dot 4-dot 8-dot 8-dot 2-crak 3-crak 4-crak

I didn't reach, I didn't need to. I had mangan already. Unfortunately two turns later I ended up dealing into the guy across from me's 1600 point hand which knocked me all the way down to 4th place. I never really felt I hit my stride at all during the day until the third and final game where I started with a dealer mangan win and played resonably well through the whole game, unfortunately one of the people who ended up going to the final table ended up beating me out of first place by 700 points in the end.

My scores for the day were (including the 15/5/-5/-15 Uma): -17.8 (4th place), -20.8 (3rd place), 12.3 (2nd place), and I finished in 14th place overall out of the 16 players. However it was interesting to note that only 5 players finished positive out of the three games of the day (so not counting the final table) with the scores of 63.2, 49.9, 38.1 and 20.2 going to the final table. 5th place only had 5.1.

I think my general mood and morale tanked after the close 4th place in the first game which caused me to make some bad decisions in the second game. I did however manage to rally a bit in the 3rd by mainly working out what I needed to make the final table and aiming for it. I needed a score of roughly +60 point including the Uma which meant 75,000+ points at the end of the game. While this was very unlikely and would most likely require a yakuman to achieve just the act of setting the goal and know what I had to work towards helped me focus and pull out of the dump I'd gotten myself into after the first game.
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