Any good Video Games for Chinese or Taiwanese Mahjong Rules?

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Any good Video Games for Chinese or Taiwanese Mahjong Rules?

Postby wavemotion » Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:20 pm

I've got a small boatload of Video Games covering Japanese/Riichi Mahjong. I'd really like to find a good one or two for the Chinese MCR rules and/or the Taiwan 16-Tile Mahjong rules. I've got just one of each on my iOS device (iPad) which are ... okay (good, but not great).

I've tried the trial for Four Winds and was underwhelmed in presentation and the rulesets seemed a little off. It was an older trial so maybe it has improved with the latest version.

It doesn't have to be in English but it has to be either free (a trial often works - many of the PC Riichi games I have trials for limit to East-Only Rounds which is actually still okay for playing and learning) or something I can buy with something like Paypal. PC, iOS or NDS would be preferred platforms.

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance.

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