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Mahjong Tengokuhai Tournament

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:07 am
by Ignatius
There will be an event: The First Tengokuhai Tournament, in mahjong Tengokuhai App game for Android, and probably other versions.

Entries goes from 2014 october 16 at 12:00 (japanese hour) to 2014 october 22 at 12:00 (again, japanese hour).

You can access it from the main menu, in the special orange 大会 (tournament) button. Which is on the lower-right part of the main menu.

Once pressed you see this: (italics are explanations made by myself, you´ll not see that on the next page)

ゴルド増減 Gold Fluctuation. (in-game this depends on your online ranks which looks like, only varies on online sashiuma games (upper online games with two coins symbol), I don´t know how this affects the tournament).

I think you´ll play with sashiuma, so you´ll be betting Gold. Playing with Gold means you can play with stronger people, or so is supposed. In-game you can recharge a little amount of Gold for free, only 5 times per day or so, 10,000 each time. You can do this only 5 times per day or so, 10,000 Gold each time, up to a total of 50,000 Gold. To do so press the button with a G inside a circle (it's on the main menu, the lower buttons), and then, press the blue button.
After that, if that little amount is not enough, you´ll have to buy Gold with money, you know, micropayments.

Big orange button: 大会参加 Enter tournament.


If you don´t participate, you´ll be not shown in rankings.
Default minimum number of games is 10, if the needed number of games is not met you´ll not enter the rankings.

Little orange Button: ランキングはこちら Ranking here.

The player in first place has played 86 games, but, for example, the fifth place player has played 10 games only.

It seems you can play those ten games, or more, along the entry time. But I´m not so sure as I hadn´t entered the tournament.

Re: Mahjong Tengokuhai Tournament

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:46 pm
by Ignatius
So I entered the tournament, just to see how it was. The games are sashiuma mode games so, ikkyoku-sen. One round only. I got my ass kicked but it was fun, I'll keep playing in the tournament. I do not hope to enter the ranking even if I played more than the 10 minimum games. Actually, as for now, I'm outside the ranking. I'm too bad to enter. But I don't care.

Looks like as long as you've played 10 games you automatically enter the rankings but your position takes some time to get updated.

Oh yeah, when playing this sashiuma mode you play betting your Gold, with the "assist" from a CPU player against another player with it's own assist CPU. Like when Akagi played against Washizu.

When you win, when playing those sashiuma games you can keep playing (to obtain a little bonus of Gold), stop and go back to the sashiuma rating choice screen, or bet and play for a double amount of Gold. Cool. If you lose you can keep playing or stop. Easy.

Stop option is on the left, keep playing is on the right, and below that one, if you can use the bet x2,you will see the button.

As long as you´re participating you can see your ranking (in ランキングはこちら button) and earnt amount of gold during the tournament just pressing the orange 大会 tournament button.

Ah, there are 6 rate rooms in the sashiuma mode:

ノーマル Normal 1,000 points = 1,000 Gold. This rank is for all but each of the other ranks has a level you need to meet in order to be able to play in it. Your level varies depending on your Gold winnings or loses.

ミドル Middle 1,000 points = 10,000 Gold. This rank is open at the start, but you could downgrade your level if you loose too much, so, watch out.I t's level is 庶民 Common people.

アドバンス Advance 1,000 points = 50,000 Gold. This rank is open at the start, but you could downgrade your level if you loose too much, so, watch out. It's level is 平民 Commoner, Plebeian.

スペシャル Special 1,000 points = 250,000 Gold. Open when you reach 一般人 Ordinary Person level.

エキスパート Expat 1,000 points = 1,000,000 Gold. Open when you reach 中流 Middle Class level.

ヘル Hell 1,000 points = 2,000,000 Gold. Open when you reach 金持ち Rich level.

Looks like the sashiuma room you´re playing affects to your positioning in the tournament.