Refreshing mahjong! Iishanten 爽快麻雀!イーシャンテン (Android)

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Refreshing mahjong! Iishanten 爽快麻雀!イーシャンテン (Android)

Post by Ignatius » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:41 am

A new futari mahjong (two people mahjong) for Android, came out. It´s from HiLab. ... b.eshanten

The game is kinda similar to Mahjong Dream Club (for PS3 and XBOX 360) except for the fact is 2P Mahjong, you can use chips to buy special tiles which grant special effects when activated before the match.

You can play spending 0 chips which grants you no starting reward if you win, if you spend 200, you can get back 250. If you spend 1,000 you can obtain 1,500 in return. You can obtain even more if you do play following hands, you can get extra chips even if you started using zero. But if you loose even once, or end in a draw, you´ll loose all your winnings.

You can get extra chips just by login for the first time, or voting the game on Google Play. (Or using offered apps in a pink button (some of them give a lot of chips but you need to buy something...)) :(

The visuals of the game are very nice. Has ads in the main menu, but they´re no too big. You have to gain chips to buy the option to play the main heroines, maybe the game is kinda ecchi I don´t know. Didn´t unlock a heroine yet (probably I´ll not even try to). The first one cost 10,000 chips, the next one 50,000, the next 80,000 and the last one 100,000. Each of the four ladies has a surname related to the four winds. If you have none of them unlocked you play against generic characters.

It has a list of Yaku, if you get one or more, and win, they get lit on. And also shows when you achieved it...

The problem apart from the ads and the stupid system to add extra chips with the apps offered in the pink button, is the exit option panel, which appear pushing the cellphone buttton for "back". This exit panel has adds for apps and has buttons to install that offered app, look for a new one, and the option to leave is on the left.

Also this game crashed a lot. Needs improvements there. At least it didn´t crash when playing an actual hand (maybe I was lucky.) I bet they´ll improve it.

I think there are at least two more futari mahjong games for Android, but I did´nt play them so I don´t know if they´re good, and don´t remember their names...

This game, even with the nice presentation, left me "cold". I´m not too fond of futari mahjong games either... So maybe this had a bit of influence.
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