Kindai Mahjong mobile game featuring Akagi, Washizu, Koizumi

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Kindai Mahjong mobile game featuring Akagi, Washizu, Koizumi

Postby Barticle » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:44 pm

Sonic streams a lot of vintage mahjong games but today he's been streaming a new one.

Tōhaiden - Kindai Mahjong All-Stars features characters from several manga series including Akagi, Koizumi, Mukoubuchi, Ten, Usagi, etc. :)

tkmas.jpg (64.83 KiB) Viewed 5658 times

Official site:


Character roster:

Android store link: ... s.tohaiden (Android OS version 4 required)

Coming soon to iOS.

It's free to play but uses currency called "Tōhai Coins". You can earn these by scoring or levelling and you receive some daily I think but otherwise you need to buy them with real monies.

It features conversations between characters - static images, Japanese text and no voice acting.

Don't know if you can access the game directly outside Japan or if a workaround is required.

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