What Do You Think of the WSoM Rules?

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Re:What Do You Think of the WSoM Rules?

Post by iandstanley » Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:49 pm

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Re:What Do You Think of the WSoM Rules?

Post by Zi Rong Low » Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:14 pm

Things which I *like* about WSoM (Zung Jung):

- A large enough variety of Yakus but not overwhelming like in MCR(CO) mahjong

- Hand calculation is a lot faster than in Riichi style. I get a bit tired having to calculate the \"Fu\" component in real life.

What I *don\'t like* about WSoM:

- No Furiten!!! I rely on Furiten a lot in Riichi style to make safe discards!

- Some hands are over-valued IMO. Chinitsu (Pure One Suit) is 90 points, but I see it more often than Shou Sangen (Little Three Dragons) which is 40 points.

- Many of the expensive hands are more based on the luck of the starting hand, so I think the value should be reduced, but not to the extent of Jap mahjong where they are equal (eg Sanshoku Doukou and Toitoi both being 2 fan).
This way, more emphasis can be placed on actual defense/offense and not just combo forming.

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Re:What Do You Think of the WSoM Rules?

Post by zzo38 » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:54 am

WSoM is not too bad set of rules. However I would change a few things:
  • \"All sequences\" requiring not a scoring end pair.
  • \"Win on Kong\" and \"Blessing of Heaven\" and \"Blessing of Earth\" and \"Two Concealed Triplets\" omitted.
  • Change scores for number of kong: Each kong worth 2 points each. This way, if you have no other yaku, you will need three kong to win. However, all kongs count as concealed for the purpose of counting the number of concealed triplets you have (but only for this purpose).
  • If you want to use dora (optional): Each dora is worth 1 point and doesn\'t count for purpose of requirement. Kan-dora is also used, if you decide to use dora.
I also don\'t like the rules for penalty tiles.
Why slam the idea that things like Menzen, the Dealer system and Dora could be removed, then say you approve of WSoM, which has in fact removed all of these things?
Mostly because this is a different variant. I still prefer Japanese Riichi Mahjong, however. But for this WSoM game, well, this is a different game! (it is also simpler, and it is good that some rules are simpler than others, it just depends what different people wants to play at that time)

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Re:What Do You Think of the WSoM Rules?

Post by Torgo » Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:32 am

You folks might like to look at two pages I put up at the mahjong wiki:

They may shed some light on the scoring system.

As for penalty tiles, keep in mind the WSoM rules are for tournaments with huge cash prizes. If you allow a player to keep those tiles and make melds with them, other can feed him needed tiles. If you allow him to discard the tiles, others would know what discards are coming up.

If you don\'t like those rules, you can use Zung Jung just for scoring, and ignore all the WSoM stuff.

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Re:What Do You Think of the WSoM Rules?

Post by wilhung53 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:41 pm

It is very hard to come up with a perfect point system. I think one key factor that we may have overlooked is the difficulty to defend against a particular hand.

What I mean is, for example, half flush (one suit and honor tiles)is relatively easy to defend against because you know the opponent\'s discard pile will be \"biased\".

On the other hand, 7 pairs and 3 color rum is more difficult to defend against. Sometimes, the discards are biased for someone going for 7 pairs, but not always. For 3 color rums, I can chow something like 456 in one suit, have 456 in another suit, and sit on 56 waiting for a 4. It is more difficult to defend against.

With all that being said, defending against pinfu (all chows); in WSoM format is too hard and not really worth it. Overall, I think the \"threshold\" before the discarder needs to pay the \"difference\" should be reduced from 30 to 15. What do you think? I\'m just putting some ideas out there.

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