Building the Wall - Counting Tile Stacks

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Building the Wall - Counting Tile Stacks

Post by wavemotion » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:09 pm

Something I noticed when watching this YouTube video ... zcmCvOM2KY

Two of the players, when building the wall, pull off 3 (or maybe 4?) stacks with each hand and stare, briefly, at what's left as if to ensure it contains the right number of stacks, then they put the 3 (or maybe 4) stacks back. It certainly seems a little easier than trying to count 17 or 18 stacks (I gather in Hong Kong they use the seasons/flowers?) Anyway, here is a still shot of one of them doing just this:


Anyone else have any shortcuts/easements for counting the stacks?

I posted this in the Chinese Mahjong section because it appears that's what they are playing but the question is applicable to any flavor of Mahjong.

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Re: Building the Wall - Counting Tile Stacks

Post by Shirluban » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:28 pm

To build an 18 stacks long wall:
1) take three tiles in each hand
2) repeat step #1 three times
3) you now have half of your wall ; do step #1 and #2 again to have the second half
4) put one half-wall on top of the other (or stack them directly during step #3).

For a 17 stacks wall, just take one less tile in one of the step #2 loop.

One other way:
1) build a |i]n|/i] stack long wall as you like
2) move the right-most and left-most six stacks slightly aside
3) you should have 6 (or 5) stack in the middle for a 18 (or 17) stacks long wall

One other other way:
1) buy an automatic table

One other other other way:
1) build your wall without caring much
2) wait for the three other players to finish their wall
3) add the remaining tiles to your wall
3b) if someone complains he lacks tiles, give him the number he asks
4) find other people to play with, since they won't play with you anymore
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Re: Building the Wall - Counting Tile Stacks

Post by Kyuu » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:05 pm

* Grab 7.
* Put 2 per side.
* Then put 3 per side.

That's the whole 17 in a row. For the second row, just grab grab to match the first row.


* Grab 7
* Grab 4
* Grab 6

Either way, I assure a row of 17 before I do the second row. The only times I miscount -- when I'm not even paying attention.

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