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WWYD 5/23

Post by deJENNerate » Sun May 24, 2009 5:32 pm

As a special treat this week we have 2 questions in one!

Here\'s the hand. You\'re the Dealer in the 2nd hand of the East Round:


Now, what would you discard if:

you drew a 8-bam

you drew a 2-bam

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Re:WWYD 5/23

Post by gezzar » Mon May 25, 2009 12:14 am

For the first discard (8-bam):

Depends on what the dora tile is and how late in the game. If the dora was a 7-bam I might just throw the 8-bam back in order to get more value (although its a pretty nice hand as it already is worth minimum 5 yaku plus reach and any doras). Also it might be worth throwing the 8-bam if its early in the game to maximize the value, so throw the 8-bam without reaching (and if a 6-bam does come up you can still ron/tsumo) and maybe hope a 5-bam,3-bam or 7-bam comes up on the draw so you can go for all pungs as well (nice yakuman - suu ankou). Not reaching also gives you more options (for example if a 9-bam comes up on the draw you can kong which might give you a nice dora if your lucky). However if it is end game definately throw the 7-bam and reach (wait on the 3-bam and 5-bam) so long as you don\'t see 2x 3-bam or 5-bam already thrown.

For the second discard (2-bam):

Throw that 2-bam straight into the discard pile. I really don\'t see any benefit in keeping it. There is no reason to fold the hand unless your 100% sure you\'ll get ronned on the 2-bam since you have plenty of value in the hand, and when is someone ever 100% sure of someone else\'s hand?

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Re:WWYD 5/23

Post by Shirluban » Tue May 26, 2009 5:46 pm

Isn\'t one of the 5 red, like it\'s shown here?

If I draw a 8-bam, the 7-bam will go out unless there is a special situation like those Gezzar said.

If I draw a 2-bam ... I don\'t see any use for it, so it will just go away.
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Re:WWYD 5/23

Post by Toby » Thu May 28, 2009 8:56 am

Drawn tile: 8-bam

This looks like a decision between max speed and max value to me. Since it\'s early in the game, you could go for max value, but because I am east, I\'d go for speed here.

Discard the 3-bam -> Hand remains tenpai, wait: 4-bam (4 outs).

Also, if you then draw the 2-bam , you can then drop the 5-bam, for an 8-out open-ended wait.

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Re:WWYD 5/23

Post by HotelFSR » Fri May 29, 2009 12:31 pm

Tsumokiri city.

I say iipeikou or toi-toi/san ankou! The haneman/baiman potential is right there, without even needing to call reach, and we should generally take it.

For me, these kinds of questions depend almost entirely on the board and how early/late it is in the hand.

I\'m tempted in both cases to just discard the draw. Often a single wait in the middle of an iipeikou (in this case a 6-bam) can be quite promising because by definition you already have half the tiles that could be used in a sequence with the remaining sixes, making your winner more likely to come out.

If I see two or more 5-bam or 7-bam out there then I really like the single wait, and with those tiles out it follows that the toi-toi/ankou route is not looking hot.

I may discard the 7-bam if the board makes that look more promising, for example if the 6-bam is nearly dead. Even then I would actually rather wait for the slight suu ankou possibility or just pon to get a toi toi haneman and a possibility of a san ankou + toi toi baiman! Those would have to be dying for me to consider throwing the 7-bam, in which case I would keep a later 2-bam for a 1-4 wait.

I would be unlikely to reach in any case, especially if my discards make green tiles look dangerous against me.

I want to actually GET my value here, although I\'m not too fussed about whether it\'s mangan, haneman or baiman unless I\'m way behind.

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