WWYD 26 July 2010

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WWYD 26 July 2010

Post by gemma » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:31 pm

For this WWYD, I'm going to direct you to the JMPL's site.


I don't want to put the full thing here as we haven't got permission (I've asked for it so we're just waiting now...)

BUT, I don't see any harm this once in translating some of the answers of the Japanese professionals.

Let me know what you all think about this format for the WWYDs.


Discard 8-crak = 1 vote

I would like to discard 4-dot or 7-dot, but that would feel bad and I don't want to limit myself to tanyao (all simples) for the moment.

Discard 4-bam = 3 votes

This looks like a pinfu (peace) hand so discarding this tile won't compromise that.

I won't use the 4-bam for the head (pair) so I want to discard it and aim for tanyao.

Discard 4-dot = 13 votes

Aiming for 567 sanshoku (3 coloured runs). If I pull a 6-dot or 8-dot , I will discard 2-bam . If I pull 5-dot , I will discard 9-crak .

I'm aiming for 567 sanshoku (3 coloured runs) so I want to make a head (pair).

Ideally this hand with be 567 sanshoku (3 coloured runs) so this tile won't help and I want to keep as many of the tiles in the other two suits.

Discard 2-bam = 14 votes

It's the East round and the scores are fairly even so I'm going to aim for a pinfu (peace) hand or tanyao (all-simples). If possible sanshoku (3 coloured runs).

I hope to use 4-dot or 7-dot and aim for pinfu (peace) or tanyao (3 coloured runs).

I'm thinking that this hand will turn into a 456 or 567 sanshoku (3 coloured runs) hand so discarding 2-bam leaves the most options open.

Discard 9-crak = 19 votes

Aiming for sanshoku (3 coloured runs) 567.

Aiming for tanyao (all simples). I will also discard straightaway (tsumokiri) 1-bam 9-bam 9-dot

I want to fix my head (pair) and try for sanshoku (3 coloured runs) if possible.

I would discard this tile to get to tempai (ready) quickly and also keep the most options open. Tanyao (all simples) and 1 dora is fine and it will protect against a renchan (dealer continuance).


Anyway, I churned this out in 10 mins so let me know if you spot a possible mistake. I haven't translated all of the answers, just answers I thought were interesting or representative. Let me know your thoughts!
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Re: WWYD 26 July 2010

Post by Archon_Wing » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:59 pm

Yea, I think this is a much better idea for WWYD and should be more like it.

Anyhow, I said discard the 9 man for tanyao and ease of opening the hand if needed And then I couldn't think of anything else. That makes me a bad player right. :p

Another thing to pay attention to the upper seat, discarding 3 bamboo and 6 dots so early is pretty suspicious.

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Re: WWYD 26 July 2010

Post by zzo38 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:42 pm

I would probably discard 9man to make tanyao, with 8man as a pair and dora 1 and possibly sanshoku 567, possibly 444sou or 234sou and 4pin can be discarded later. If it is 234sou I might also be having pinfu later if no chii/pon will be called. Does kuitan ari/nashi in this game? (I always play kuitan ari, but the ルール (rule option) does not seem to mention it?)

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Re: WWYD 26 July 2010

Post by Shirluban » Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:39 pm

I'll discard the 9-crak too. It lets more options open.

@ Gemma: Nice job :D but I think you made a mistake:
We have the South seat.
大場篤 talks about the East round (東場), not East seat.
I think 室伏理麻 say she will protect herself against the upper-seat's oya's renchan (上家の親の連荘を防ぎます), not protect her own renchan.

"I churned this out in 10 mins"
In 10 min I only translate 室伏理麻's second sentence :cry:
Cats don't do タンヤオ (tan-yao) but タニャーオ (ta-nya-o).
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Re: WWYD 26 July 2010

Post by gemma » Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:48 pm

You are totally right! I'll fix that.

Note to self: Don't translate with glass of wine in hand

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