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Re: WWYD 2012/10/06

Post by xKime » Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:11 pm

Leaving wavemotion's uncontributional reply (who is obviously declaring himself to be an expert in understanding all other new member's feelings without even the need of a poll and also a professional in forum activity demography, knowing how many users are staying or leaving) which is completely unrelated to the thread aside.
mrrrx wrote:
xKime wrote:8s isn't slower. To tenpai, that is. The tenpai chance is just the same as 7m. They are both basic shapes of a 16 tile ukeire.
8s is 12 tile ukeire. The ryanmen waits are sharing a 6s. Were you thinking of 7s? Or am I missing something?


Anyway thanks for the link/advice, I didn't know about the tool.
Sorry, I meant 7s. For some reason 8s was mentioned (it is an option that loses even to 7s) and it stuck on me when I replied. Nice catch! I have edited it now. Thank you!
gemma wrote:
You are just staring at the very reason why your mahjong is over the 2.5 average placement. And there is a direct method to improve this: study more hand shapes. Especially the more simple ones like this one.
Sorry, I should have made myself clearer. I was describing why I did it at the time. I wouldn't have thought that way if I'd been given a WWYD. I do know the hand shapes, but for some reason all smartness falls out of my mind when I'm at a game. I act like I'm at the roulette table...

So you're entirely correct, my description of what I was thinking is precisely the way I have a placement of over 2.5 average.

However, I guess once you know the theory, the only way to fix the understanding in your mind so you can implement it is through seeing the hands and scruitinizing your play (like describing my misguided thoughts when I chose my discard). This isn't so easy I guess...

But thank you for the explanations, it's certainly helped firm it all in my mind. I like being checked for my play style. Hopefully, next time I might do the same thing but for the right reasons. ;)
Heh, I am glad. But I wasn't referring to you in my comment. You are a real life player, and I have always thought your real life results were well over the 2.5 line. In your case, it would be about improving from 2.4 to 2.3 (something I need some help to do in Tenhou's 特上 table). What you describe sounds like lapses, which we all have. The important thing is how you follow those decisions and how they influence your final placing. Finally, from the short-lived experience I had on the server, ronron players are strong! Or at least it seemed to me like it.

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