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WWYD 2014-04-17

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:53 am
by Ozball
Here's this week's problem. I'll post the results on the 27th.

Also I haven't forgotten last week's problem. I'm just swamped with marking at the moment so haven't had time to do a proper translation. Will get SOMETHING up for it this weekend.


Re: WWYD 2014-04-17

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:39 am
by or2az
Well, the score is fairly close, already have tanyao and 2 dora, if I can do something with it. Would really hate to get rid of it.
A quick win would be nice, but even ryanpeiko is a possibility. Don't get too many of those, practically none.
Would like to hold on to the cracks for some versatility, so, I guess I will have to toss the 2-bam and see what happens next.

Re: WWYD 2014-04-17

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:46 pm
by Ozball
Before I check the solution I'll post my thoughts.

I went with the red 5-dot on this one. While it is two Dora it's currently isolated so it feels harder to build into the hand. It's only a East-only game in which, lately, I've been trying to prioritise speed in when I play. Also it should be reasonably easy to get men-tan-pin (Reach, tanyao, pinfu) for at least 3 han. Which is enough to put us into first going into our turn as dealer.

So in short I went with my gut on this, focusing on speed rather than a large hand such as ryanpeikou and/or sanshoku on top of the mentanpin.

Re: WWYD 2014-04-17

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:08 am
by TheEsquire
Mind that I have very little experience, looking at this my rookie instinct would be to either throw out the 2-bam or the red 5-dot . While the red 5-dot is really nice have because it's worth 2 hand points (or Dora i think the proper term is), it's really useless otherwise in respect to the rest of your hand. If you really felt like keeping it, I'd get rid of the 2-bam. You already almost have the two matching runs without it in the bams (Going off memory, iipekou?) and another 2-bam is already on the table, meaning it's less likely that someone else will have use for it. Some people might say to chuck the freshly drawn 6-crak instead, but keeping it gives you a lot more flexibility in the craks.

You've already almost got a winning hand with a decent size number of hand points without the red 5-dot and keeping it is only going to delay your win even longer, not to mention everything you throw in an attempt to do something with the 5-dot just adds more tiles that you can't ron with later. I'd say it's my discard.

Also to add another point: the sooner you toss it, I feel like there's less chance of another player being able to claim it through chii, pon, or kan but I could be wrong.

Re: WWYD 2014-04-17

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:46 am
by Masa
The question is asking you to select the priority of "Acceptance(受け uke )" and "Change(変化 henka)".

Red5 is completely detached tile(浮き牌 ukihai). As you know if you want to reduce shanten number to close tenpai, Red 5p is the candidate.
But at this stage(early stage), I would select "Change" due to red 5p is very strong detached tile for "Change".
Once I select "Change", It should think maximum return. In this hand, tan/pin/sanshoku/ipe/dora2 is haneman without riichi.
I would aim folllowing 1 shanten. It is also maximize Acceptance of sanshoku(345 or 456)
Depends on the tsumo of sozu and pinzu, I would discard 3m or 6m.

3-crak 4-crak 4-crak 4-crak 5-crak 6-crak 3-bam 4-bam 4-bam 5-bam 5-bam 4-dot 5-dot
4p is sitll ok with 3p or 5p or 6p.

So that this point of view, 2-bam is best for me to discard. because it is not related sanshoku and it has been followed by up 5b already for mentsu. it means discarding from 2-bam 3-bam 4-bam 5-bam form.

If I give up red 5p, the max value is tan/pin/ipe without riichi, 3,900. it is big gap of haneman prospect. it is worth to "Change"
If red 5p is just normal 5p, still I would keep 5p. If not dora and not red5, I would discard 5p.