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Re:Ben's Quiz

Post by KawamuraReo » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:47 pm

Prett-- Oh. Okay.

Seems that is the case after some re-inspection. Either way, I still wouldn\'t reach. You can get better with that hand, seriously. I\'d substantiate this a little bit more but it\'s pretty late and I\'m getting tired.

And I have been playing this for a couple of years now, seems unlikely, but what do you know.

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Re:Ben's Quiz

Post by gartheee » Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:25 pm

Like one writer pointed out, we\'re obviously not in the north seat here or waiting with just the wind hand point is almost a no brainer. Also, other circumstances such as current score and place and number of draws remaining are also likely to have an impact but without knowing those:

1. Probably don\'t reach until we can get a better wait, unless it\'s late in the hand

2. I probably reach here though I know many players who would wait until they can change the 4 for the 1 of bamboos. It depends on how many 1 of bamboos I can already see on the board. I would definitely NOT reach after exchanging them as many players will regard the piano keys tiles for the reach discard as dangerous, like I discarded the 4 from a 468 situation so I\'m waiting for the 7. While that\'s not the case here, many players will still read it that way and think the 7 is dangerous, which indeed it is here.

3. Definitely not a Reach, except in special circumstances, like it\'s early in the last hand of the game and I just need to win the hand to win the game. Otherwise, wait to reach until I draw 89 bamboos to change to drawing to 3 Concealed Triples. Changing 1 bamboos for 4 to make a mixed outside hand is not an immediate reach for the same reason as stated in #2. Wait until we can make a meaningless change, for example, a 2 of bamboos we just drew for the 2 of bamboos in our hand, before reaching. If I draw 1 of characters I probably drop 8 bamboos (unless I can see there are no 9\'s left) for 3 concealed triples but this is still not a reach until we can change to the Mixed outside hand too.

4. Same as number 3 except that we don\'t care about changing the 1 of bamboos for the 4.

Did I get any of them right, Ben?

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