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Post by deJENNerate » Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:49 pm

most of the really good players don\'t fold very often even in Reach. it\'s a step for getting better. they find ways to not fold and still play defensively.

but the truth is that there are 4 players and you cannot win every single hand. if you don\'t fold then you will get hurt in any kind of mahjong.

if you fold a hand in a poker game does that mean you\'re not playing poker? some hands just can\'t win.

part of the game is knowing your opponents. reading Konno\'s discards will be much different than reading mine or someone that doesn\'t play very often (^.^)v

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Post by HotelFSR » Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:24 pm

I want to play mahjong. If I fold I\'m not playing Mahjong

That is part of the game itself. That is a strategic element of playing Mahjong. Like Jenn said, if you fold in Poker are you not playing Poker?

As I mentioned, it\'s a matter of taste. Clearly players of Reach feel they are playing Mahjong or else they\'d be playing something else!

and if your opponent does not play \"properly\", your reading discards will not work so well: being able to read a pro\'s discards does not necessarily mean you will be able to read a housewife\'s discards.

That\'s where rules like Furiten come in, because they allow you a degree of certainty no matter whose discards you are reading. Also, pros will often mix up their discards on purpose particularly when playing against high level opposition. Reading discards and knowing what your own pool implies also allows you to know when it is safest to declare Reach or go for certain hands.

If all this still sounds wrong to you, then you may well prefer to play with a different ruleset. There is naturally nothing wrong with that!

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Post by TobiasOlsen » Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:52 pm

If you want to never have to fold a hand, play MCR. The bonus payment for winning a hand and the huge amounts of points gained on self-picks means that it is possible to play decently without ever folding a hand (though defensive play still does enter if you play it well enough). But then, if you don\'t like the 1 yaku minimum rule, then the 8 point minimum in MCR will be worse for you, as it is considerably harder to actually make a hand (which is of course the point. If you eliminate most of the defensive aspect, you need something else to be hard, or the game would not require skill).

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