WWYD (sort of)

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WWYD (sort of)

Post by Ozball » Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:38 pm

Ok this comes from 28th Phoenix (Firebird Goddess) Cup final (one before last) and I can't understand the reasoning for why the player discarded what he did and was wondering if anyone here had any ideas:

East 1st Round
Player: East - Yuichiro Migita
Turn: 14th

white-dra white-dra 3-bam 4-bam :east :east 8-bam 8-bam 9-bam 9-bam 9-bam :south :south (tsumo) white-dra

Discard Pile:
9-crak 2-dot 3-dot 1-crak 6-crak 8-dot
1-crak 3-crak green-dra 1-dot red-dra 6-crak

My Thoughts:
Here My thought would be to discard the 3-bam or 4-bam and aim for Half Flush with all sets (Toi-toi).

What actually happened:
Migita-pro discards the :south and keeps the 3-bam 4-bam. I can't understand the thinking behind this. Oddly enough he draws another 4-bam the following turn and discards the other :south so was still aiming for Toi-toi but I'm not sure of the value of getting rid of the Souths.

So anyone got any thoughts? I have the paifu so I can reproduce all the other players discard piles if that helps.

Watching it again and the other two south's had been discarded already, but none of the 4-bam 8-bam or :east had, so it would still have been perfectly feasible to draw/pon them if they did come out.
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Re: WWYD (sort of)

Post by Iapetus » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:16 pm

With haku+honitsu and the two ankous, the hand is already worth at least 9600. And as dealer late in the hand, speed comes first. Discarding nan gives a far superior path to tenpai, still allowing you to pon/draw East and 8s while also allowing you to chi/draw 25s. That's three times as many tiles, with a tenpai two or four times better. Trying to add in toitoi for a 50% increase at best is not worth it.

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Re: WWYD (sort of)

Post by gemma » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:34 pm

Also, perhaps the 3 and 4 are dangerous?

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Re: WWYD (sort of)

Post by Shirluban » Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:02 pm

Ozball wrote:Watching it again and the other two south's had been discarded already, but none of the 4-bam 8-bam or :east had
In that case, if he discards 3-bam and 4-bam, he would need to get one of the two remaining 8-bam AND one of the two remaining :east . That's a pretty bad way to tenpai, and an even worst wait.
By discarding :south, he maximises his ways to tenpai and his chances to win the hand.
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