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Tenhou Replay Thread

Post by Rosti » Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:45 pm

A thread to post interesting, educational or (most likely) ridiculous games on Tenhou in replay form.

Starting with a game I had this evening, which definitely falls into the ridiculous category:
http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2010082206gm-0 ... 4d2f0&tw=3

Spoiler: First hand was in tenpai for what could potentially have been a counted yakuman, second hand is then Dai San Gen.
Shame I don't get luck like that every game.

A plus side of this could be that it maybe convinces a few people to try out the somewhat intimidating (because it's in Japanese) but excellent Tenhou client. All it takes is a bit of learning of the basics in Japanese (or even just writing them down) and then it's pretty easy to get playing (there's also an English guide).

For the replay mode controls:
To progress the play, pressing pretty much any keyboard button will go to the next draw/discard/call.
The "Player" menu allows you to choose which player to view from with the top four options, and then from top to bottom the commands are "Show hands ON/OFF", "Show Tsumokiri ON/OFF" (shades tiles that players have immediately discarded after drawing) and "Show player names ON/OFF" (rather than 'watashi', A-san, B-san and C-san).
The other two menus allow you to skip to a specific round or turn.
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Re: Tenhou Replay Thread

Post by SaWfan1 » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:06 am

I played a 3 player game with a friend and his brother. My friend is a beginner and his brother knows nearly nothing of the game. I made a few mistakes, which I admit, but when I was playing it was a lot more casual and fun than when I play ranked matches. By the way, it was near total domination although my friend, ec2, got better in the second game.
1st Match: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2010091207gm-0 ... a66ed&tw=1
2nd Match: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2010091208gm-0 ... bd7ba&tw=1

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