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Post by or2az » Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:49 pm

Having just read that Saki video game review, viewtopic.php?f=18&t=53061#p55674, I was curious. Are there any apps or computer games out there where the incantations are recited after each winning hand?
There was no mention of this for the Saki game (not that it matters, I've got enough to keep me on my toes with normal computer opponents, let alone those with superpowers), but what about any other games?
The Kiwame app that I use does have great voice animation, but only for pon, chi, kan, riichi, ron, and tsumo (and the only superpower I have is that when I throw that winning tile and it screams RON at me, smoke comes out of my ears).

Anyway, from watching Saki, I find it really cool to hear those incantations loudly blasted out especially with that TAKE THAT! in your face attitude.
Too bad I can't do that with that great japanese fervor with all those lightning bolts and electricity flying around.
(It just doesn't quite feel and sound the same when I rattle them off after a good winning hand. It's so disappointing.)

I was also curious on how one gets so many screenshots in one post. He got 15! I can only get 3.

Lastly, to all of you out there, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
(I think I would have used the 5 dot instead of the 4)
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Re: incantations

Post by Barticle » Sat Dec 27, 2014 2:04 am

I've played several games where either your character or a generic voice announces your yaku and dora. It's more common in higher quality products and ones based on anime using the actual voice actors (although sometimes only for the main character/s). I've been playing a game recently where the yaku are announced but the dora (where you could have one, two, three, etc) are not. How long would it take to record a few extra lines for each number? :x

Sound files for calls/riichi/wins taken from prominent anime are readily available and some PC games let you use these in place of the standard ones, so you can ron like Washizu. :twisted:

The forum has a limit of three images per post if you actually upload them to the site; if you want more you can simply make two or three successive posts with up to three pics in each. The other method - which Dave used in his Saki Portable review - is to link to an external image hosted on another website (possibly one you put there yourself). Just paste the web address for the image into your post, select the text and click the Img button to add formatting tags. Here's a fictional example:


Looks like someone hastily edited a greeting from last year! No doubt the contrived "2015" sets will be appearing on US mahjong rule cards soon. :roll:

Season's greetings.

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